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Hello from the UK


Hi all,
I’m Nick, and i have the calling to return to Beekeeping after 25 years away!
I’ve been following the progress of the Flow Hive with great interest since the start. and have read and researched enough now, in that i’ve just ordered a Flow Hive 2 ( to be delivered in October ),
I remember the days so well, the equipment required to extract, filter and bottle, and of course vast amounts of hot water used and run to waste then in the clean up procedure afterwards!
Of course, once done, the equipment needs storing away ‘till the next time.
Space and storage for my partner and i is at a premium as we live on a boat, so not requiring the additional equipment of old is so convenient for us.
We live very simply, moored on the edge of farmland, surrounded by countryside, close to a village on the Canal.
We grow our own veg / herbs, share an orchard with various fruit trees, ( incidentally where our hive will be sited ) and are slowly introducing a wild wild flower area with a blend of 19 species of nectar and pollen rich annual and perennial flowers.
Incidentally, i’d be interested to hear if anyone has had any success in growing the ‘Leptospermum Scoparium’ or Tea Tree / Manuka bush here in Buckinghamshire / Northamptonshire. I’ve recently ordered a 3 yr old plant from a nursery so hopefully in time it will grow well and fill a gap, so to speak!
So, here’s looking forward to next Spring ‘19…exiting times ahead and back to beeing with bees!

Happy Beekeeping everyone…nice meeting you :~)



Welcome to the forum Nick. Seems a lot of bee keepers are back at it for the second time around. You will find a wealth of information here and people willing to give you advise if you ask. Browse through the previous posts first then if you have a question that you can’t find already answered we are here to help you.


Hi Nick,
I’m not in the UK, far from it actually, but I just thought I’d pass on that it is a good idea to keep the roots nice and moist (not waterlogged of course) if you can with these plants during at least a couple of years after planting to help them along. Tease the roots out after removing from the pot too of course…

Are you in heavy clay?


Considering that New Zealand is damp and cool, just like the north of England, it should grow just fine. The Australian varieties prefer sandy well draining soil and a temperate climate. The Coastal Tea Trees (Leptospermum Polygalifolium) I planted in my yard 2 years ago are now 6 metres tall.
You will need an orchard of manuka trees to get enough honey to harvest but they do look great when in flower.


Thanks Peter, i’ve been checking out the forum for a while now. There’s a wealth of info and a lot of very interesting reading going on…


Yeah, thanks for that Dan. The soil is pretty good here, well drained and not a heavy clay. Although it holds the water well in Winter.
My guess would be to dig in some Ericaceous compost to give it a good start. It’’l be sited on a sunny south facing slope


Nice one Rodderick thanks! You have the perfect conditions there. Yeah, i think it’ll do well here, temps in the Winter could dip quite a bit but it looks like they can be fairly frost hardy.
Really nice looking flowers…now there’s a idea, an orchard full of Manuka!!


Grows perfectly well at Wakehurst Place in West Sussex…this shrub was 15ft tall and buzzing :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee: