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Hello From The West


Hi all
Just like to Say hello from Western Australia.



Me too. Whereabouts are you? I’m in Perth.


up in the windy Geraldton


Hello to the west side. There are a few WA Australians in the connect with locals area, Not sure how close to you guys they are.


I’m down near Mt Barker, with 30 acres, and I too plan on putting the flow hive as a top box.

I’ve purchased 3 and will soon be getting the boxes to set up.
I have a question.
I’m thinking of not putting frames in the brood box (bottom box). From what I’ve read bees are able to make their own area and there is less chance of moth.

Good idea or not?



And hello again from Western Australia. I’m just up the road from you Ambrose, in the windy 'barri. It’s a bit of a struggle finding anyone into beekeeping in this region online, but with only 160 kms between us, in WA terms we’re practically close neighbours!