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Beekeeping in geraldton

hi im new I was thinking of getting the flowhive hybrid I am wondering if it would be sufficient for location and climate

There are other bee keepers from Geraldton on this forum so hopefully they will make contact with you. Welcome to the forum where you will find lots of nice people that are happy to help you get started in bee keeping with good advice. I look forward to reading what the locals advise for your location. Be careful about becoming a bee keeper, it is very addictive and can consume any spare time you have, but it is also a hell of a lot of fun and interesting as well as doing your bit for the environment and nature.


What Peter said and:
Try contacting your local Beekeeping Club or local beekeeper and get an idea of what they do.
Local Library will have lots and lots of books to read and learn from.
This site has a wealth of information. Put a question in the search box (top right corner) and sift through the info thrown up. Lot of good stuff.
If you can’t find an answer for something specific post, it here and you will get lots of good gen.


Hi Joel

I’m the least qualified here to give you advice as I’m also a novice, only been in this gig for two years. I’m further south from you.

I only had the 6 Flow frame hives. However I think that if I had to start again I’d go with hybrid. They’re cheaper, and I only harvest three frames max anyway.

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thanks for the advice I am glad that people are so nice on this forum

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Let me add my welcome to the others here, Joel. As @Peter48 said, there are a number of beekeepers in Geraldton who post on this forum, so the climate should be very good for bees.

Some people with hybrids wish they had a full Flow super though! :blush: The problem seems to be that bees really prefer wax to plastic. If you give them a super with both in it, they tend to use the wax and ignore the plastic. Not always, but there are a number of posts about that on this forum.

If I was just starting out, I think I would get 2 hives. One traditional Langstroth and one full Flow (not hybrid) hive. It is always helpful to have 2 hives, a bit like having a backup in case one is having problems. With one of each, you would get experience of traditional beekeeping, and be able to compare it with your Flow hive. You would also get both honey and wax from the traditional hive - the Flow hive would only give you honey, not much wax.

Just a few thoughts. :wink:


Mine took forever to start using the flow frames. Brushing with wax helped… eventually.

I think what I would do is introduce the standard wax frames only after they filled most of the flow frames with honey.

Having two hives not one is the way to go, not only I agree, but I think it is a must, almost. I started out with one, which I sold, and am replacing with two. It would be great to have the opportunity to compare the hives’ performance.