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Hello from Trinidad


Good Day Everyone. Coming from the twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago where there is lots of sunshine and smiles. Totally new to the community. Glad to meet you guys. Certainly looking forward to setting everything up and learning as much as I can. Still in the equipment gathering stage. Putting the finishing touches on my hive assembly this week and continuing with research. Glad to be part of this community.


Goodday from down under.
Just remember the search box will find you just about anything…if it don’t, just ask.


I second what Busso says, from Upover :sunglasses:(North America)

I bet you’ll have great success with beekeeping in your tropical home :blush:


Welcome :slight_smile: from the same pocket of the world as @busso

When are your bees due?


I have a friend who is supposed to hook me up. But I dont want to mess up
so I want to attend a seminar first.
Looks like I will be getting them sometime next month. Not bad for a
Christmas gift.

I am really excited about this.