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Calling all Panamá and Central America beekeeprs


I live in Pedasí, Los Santos, Panamá. I have so many questions about beekeeping 7 degrees north of the equator. Let’s chat!

Has anyone been successful with Africanized bees and the Flow hive?


I live in Costa Rica and am also interested to know about beekeeping in Central America. Has anyone had experience of beekeeping in this region?

If you have had direct experience with different bee species it would be great to hear how things went. I’ve heard some species don’t take well to plastic frames.


Hi I have not heard that about plastic frames. I just put them in my Flow Hive. I’m trying to catch a swarm. Our rains finally stopped so now is the time.

I was invited to watch a local beekeeper split his hives. I didn’t realize all bees in Central America are Africanized. He told me the suit that came with my Flow Hive wasn’t sufficient. He made me layer two entire suits! And they wear thick rubber gloves stead of leather. I was stunned by the aggressiveness of his colonies. What an experience.

I’m still determined. More to follow.


Hi, interested to hear how aggressive the bees are in Panama. I will make sure to find the suitable amount of protection before attempting anything in Costa Rica.

As it’s almost been a month since you posted this it would be interesting to hear how you are getting on with the Flow Hive. Have the bees taken to the Flow Hive Frames? Are they very aggressive? Have you already managed to produce honey?

Also, out of interest what would be the exact species you are using?