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Help me please! italian beekeeper find a job

hi my name’s Davide,27,italian beekeeper from 10 years. i have a good experience in beekeping, i ve worked with many big italians beekepers and now i m working with one of most important shop of beekeping equipment in italy. i ve a good experience in the war against varroa and swarming control.i d like working in australia like a beekeeper, i ve a working holiday visa and i can live italy in everytime. can you help me? can you put me in contact with many beekepers near perth ?is there in this forum any beekeeper that have need of me?i m very serious and this is a dream for me. thank you a lot

Hi Davide,
I’m a newbee with one flowhive so unable to employ a beekeeper, sorry.
Suggest you try the Secretary of Bee Industry Council of Western Australia by phone 0428 290 029 or email on bicwa@iinet.net.au
You might find a beekeeper in Perth by searching on this website http://www.aussieapiaristsonline.net/index.html
Also try a search for beekeepers on gumtree buy/sell website http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-perth/queen+bees/k0l3008303?fromSearchBox=true
Good luck.

I am not sure which state it was in but there was an Apiarists job advertised on Gumtree, 2 days ago. Also could contact william@thebunyipbeekeeper.com.au I think he was looking for people recently, he’s in Victoria.