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NSW Parramatta/Hills Shire Flow Hive Group


Anyone from the Parramatta/Hills Shire kind of area who are getting flow hives interested in joining a Flow Hive group? Let me know. :smile:


There is also a brand new facebook page for local Flow Hive owners here: https://www.facebook.com/SydneyFlowHiveCommunity/?ref=hl


Hi there,

I’m in the Hills area and i will be getting my hive sometime in March 2016. I’m new to BeeKeeping and i’m willing to learn.


Cool cool, I would suggest, if you have facebook, joining the following groups to pick up some info and current events.

If you have any questions about the flow hive, or local beekeeping groups to join, feel free to ask. I got my flow hive in December, I had a look this morning, they have capped four frames, and the other two are nearly there, I reckon I will be harvesting within 2 weeks.
You might be getting your flow hive at an awkward time, there are two major pollen/nectar flows in summer and spring, and it looks like you might miss both. So maybe focus on letting your bees build their hive strongly and not worry about needing to harvest any time soon.
Do you know where you’re gonna get your bees?


Thanks for the including the FB groups, i will sure check them out and join all of them :smile:

Wow, you must be excited to be harvesting in 2 weeks, i know i would be.
I placed the order back in October 2015 and they estimated the delivery to be in March 2016. After doing some research i discovered that i will be missing the pollen/nector flows in spring and summer and therefore would spend the autumn and winter learning all i need about beekeeping. like you said, i’m going to focus on building stronger hive and not bother with the harvest till next summer when all 6 frames have been capped.

I don’t know where to get bees from, do you have any suggestions or recommendations ?