Grampians, Vic, Australia

Hello all, I’m interested in learning the basics of beekeeping with the idea of getting a flow hive (or two) in the next couple of years. Is anyone here near the Grampians in Western Victoria who might be willing to offer some practical advice? I was even thinking of helping out with the professional hives set up in the bush. Any help appreciated,


I can’t really give you any advice other than to read lots and find a local beek or bee keeping group.

My flow hive is set to arrive in December so I’ll be on a steep learning curve then.

As things go I’m not that far from you on the other side of Ballarat.

Thanks Weaver, I’ve been reading a couple of beekeeping books and went on a introductory hive visit in the UK where we got to inspect the combs, look for brood and find the queen. I just can’t seem to find a similar group in Hamilton, there is one in Ararat which is just over an hour away so I might have to head that way. Cheers!