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Help With Bee Identification

Hello there ive come to noticed while watching my bee hive that i do not belive it is my bees that have been helping themselves to the sugar feeders. I have italian bees which is the picture that includes the hive entrance, and such they have a more yellow/golden color and more strips where ive noticed the bees that control the feeders, i included the picture, are a deeper color and seem to have less strips than the italian bees that i have. If any one might be able to help me identify the bees on the feeders i would appreciate it
Thank you!

Robbers. Please don’t use external feeders. You may well be feeding africanized bees! :astonished:


Looks like a hoverfly.

I agree with @Dawn_SD , I wouldn’t be feeding externally. There’s lots of different methods for internal feeding where you’ll only be feeding your own bees.

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External feeders such as this are actually illegal in our state of NSW in Australia. They can cause robbing from neighbouring colony’s which presents threat for the spread of pest and disease.

Below is a great video by Cedar demonstrating different internal feeders suitable for Flow Hive that I recommend watching. Much more safe :grin:

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