Hi from Florida

Hi everyone,

I am Annelien from Florida. My husband recently purchased the Flow Hive 2+… Guess who assembled it and is now learning something new so that he can have honey!! :joy: ME! (with help from a friend). Happily so, though. I already have a question - I didn’t realize the different layers (base, super, brood, roof) aren’t attached. I’m a little concerned in case of big storms or hurricanes. Is it possible to attach the different boxes (with an option to detach), or will it somehow influence the use of it?


Hello and welcome to the Flow forum! :wink:

You can use clips or hooks if you want to, but it will make inspecting the hive more difficult. I have used ratcheting straps in the past too, but the best option for me is a heavy brick, or terracotta roofing tiles. If you get the spanish-style curved tiles, they balance quite nicely on top of the gabled roof and can be stacked for extra weight. Once the bees have been in the hive for a while, they put propolis between the boxes, and effectively glue them together into a very solid structure. You often need quite some force with a hive tool to separate them for inspections!

All of these options are fine for normal weather, but probably the straps, perhaps with anchoring tie-downs, might be better for hurricane season. I suggest that you join a local bee club, and ask them what they do. I would not mention that you have a Flow hive until they get to know you, because many traditional beekeepers are suspicious or even hostile when it comes to Flow hives. Just tell them that you have a Langstroth hive, which you do, as Flow is a modified version of a traditional Langstroth.