Katja, new to flow hive Central Highlands Tasmania

Just received our flow hive, will be transferring bees in tomorrow, very excited.


Well hello and welcome, how did everything go ?

Our weather is far too cold today. Windy, rainy and cold, so we wait until finer weather…couple of days. Bees are happy to stay in their hive. Thank you for enquiring

Hi Katya, welcome.

We have an awesome Flow Ambassador located in Tasmania if you’re ever looking for a local mentor highly experienced with Flow in your climate. His name’s Bert Wildeboer, please reach out to me via message if you’d like his email.


Hi Bianca,
That would be awesome, never can have enough info. Thank you for thinking of that, I really would appreciate his email.
Cheers Katja

Sorry for the late reply, we have transferred the bees, they swarmed, now we have 3 hives, 1 flow brood box, one flow hive and my warre. It was the warre that swarmed,had a swarm happen a couple of weeks ago and that swarm went into the wilderness, managed to capture the last swarm, housed them nicely, wondering if I should be feeding this new lot, doesn’t seem to be bringing in a lot of pollen? Will be checking them after the 7 days, makes it Friday. Could they starve by then?