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Hi from Shoalhaven NSW

Hi there, Andrew here. 1st time bee keeper located in Bangalee NSW. I have 1 flow hive 2 (10 frame). I have just installed a 5 frame nuc in it on friday and things are going well so far, although with no smoker allowed they were a little up set during the transfer. I joined the forum in February and i am off to the first local bee club meeting this week. I have thoroughly enjoyed the information and candor on the forum and hope to be able to add some myself. Cheers. Andrew


Welcome to the forum Andrew, you will find lots of reading and good help from the members here.
I guess your local bee group would be the Illawarra Group, if so meet up with Shayne, in her first year with bees but very switched on.
We are here to help you with tips and advice.

Hi Andrew,
welcome to the forum. Bangalee is a lovely part of the world. Iā€™m a motorcyclist who likes getting up and down the Kangaroo Valley road. It must be a great place for the bees with so much bushland around it.