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Hi from Southern IL, USA

Hey y’all, I’m from Southern Illinois. I’m just starting out beekeeping,I bought my 1st langstroth 10 frame brood box with all the frames, bottom board, inner cover, and telescoping roof last week. I modified half of the frames to be foundationless and kept the plastic foundation in the other half. I’ve been watching all of the thebeekeeper.org videos, YouTube featuring Flow hive and other designs. I’m just trying to be as educated about all of this as I can be. I know I’m probably too late to install bees in my hive this year because where I live, it can snow around thanksgiving. There’s also been winters (like last winter) where there wasn’t a single snowflake. I’m sorry in advance if some of the questions I have are total noob questions. Thank you, and have a good rest of your day/night and happy beekeeping!

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