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New Beek from Indiana


Hello All! My name is Isaac and I am from the Midwest United States, Indiana to be more exact. Started my very first colony this past year and learned a whole lot. My colony is wintering well so far as I can tell. I am running two eight frame deeps for my brood (typical for my area and climate) and I am excited by the idea of being able to add my flow frames on top next spring. I am a little nervous about my colony swarming on me and I am also a little nervous that the bees will be hesitant to readily accept the flow frames as well (planning on painting on melted bees wax to encourage them), but other than that I am very excited about next year and to continue learning and enjoying my new hobby! One thing I have definitely learned is that this group is going to be very beneficial for me; everyone who keeps bees around me, including my mentor, uses all traditional Langstroth equipment, so sometimes I have questions that I know they can’t answer since I’m using equipment that they have no experience with. All of that to say…glad to be part of the group and any helpful advice is appreciated!


The only difference between your neighbours hives and yours is the extractor on top? Everything else is the same so their advice would be good :smiley:
Welcome to the addiction