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Hi Im Ash from Quorrobolong, New south Wales



I have just started into bee keeping last November, at the base of the Watagan mountains in Quorrobolong. I have a Flow Hive 2 which seems to be working a treat at the moment. Loving all the knowledge and experience on this forum, learning stacks of things that just aren’t in the bee keeping books :slight_smile:





Hiya Ash, welcome to the forum.
Beware, beekeeping is addictive…



A big welcome to the forum Ashley, you will find lots of good advice from our members and a heap of reading when you have the time.
As @skeggley says bee keeping is addictive to the point it can take up most of your spare time, it is fun and very relaxing to just sit and watch over a cup of coffee, or the odd glass of wine.:sunglasses::wine_glass:

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Hi Ash, hubby and I have our first nuc settled into their hive in Quorrobolong too! They’ve been in their for about 2 months now and it looks like the super is just about full!
Very exciting :slight_smile:



Hi Cozzy,

Small world. Glad this hot weather finally seems to be easing a bit. Our super is getting pretty close to be harvested, I think another week or so and it will be fully capped. We got set up slightly late and only got the back end of all the gums that were flowering in November otherwise might have been harvesting a little earlier.



Hi All,

Progress video (apologies for the quality). Bees have started to cap the flow frames, hopefully ready to harvest soon. The hive seems to be fairly strong. Im glad they made it through the run of hot weather over the last few months.https://discourse-cdn-sjc1.com/business6/uploads/honeyflow/original/3X/e/3/e3e39dc67e7be999c03b3b5fd0ce44ba5ebbb9ee.mp4

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There is lots of activity there. When you think the frames are full I suggest removing each 2nd frame and you will then see both sides of every frame to confirm they are capped and ready for extracting, Don’t rely on what you can see through the windows as indicating the whole of the frames. I do a visual inspection 2 days before I plan to extract to give the bees time to propollis them securely back into the super so they don’t distort from the key.