Hi to all from rural Australia

Hi all, great to be part of a welcoming and helpful community.

First-time beekeeper, pretty excited. I’m located in rural NSW, Australia near a town called Araluen, 20km south of Braidwood. Pretty, native-forested country, hot and dry in summer. Cold in winter, but snow is rare.

My flow frames arrived first and the full hive arrived a few weeks ago. Almost smooth, missing a few pieces, nothing critical. Quality is very good for the parts I received.

Eldest son (age 15) helped me put it together, and it looks gorgeous with 3 coats of tung oil.

Eldest also built a rugged stand out of scraps and pallets (heat-treated, not methyl bromide, for those that know), and we placed it level out in a wind-protected field. Its partly under a tree so it gets dappled shade from noon in summer, but full sun at other times and seasons.

We are picking up a 4 frame nuc tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue: I have done a ton of reading and also have 2 beekeeping neighbours to help out.

I hope to repay the help I have found on this forum when I get some years under my belt.


PS I realise the super and cover are on back to front, and that I won’t be using the super for a while - artistic liberty to get the features onto one photo :flushed:


Really nice setup Rob :smiley:

Not a concern about the pix ! It’s you brag/pride pix in a job well done ! Your Flow-Hive looks great !! Congrats from the States.