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Hive Alive - BBC Programme about Bees!


David and I watched this micro-series on Netflix last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Our Netflix subscription is in the US, and we were able to watch it. I am not sure if it will stream elsewhere in the world though.

While a lot of it is “gee whizz” description, there is also some very good basic information for new beekeepers. The photography is astounding, and includes close-up, infrared and slow-motion video. Well worth spending a couple of hours watching it.

Here is an article summarizing it:


I saw this when t first aired a few years ago
Martha Kearney became allergic to bee venom and had to give up keeping bees


That is sad, I liked her. I thought the other guy was a bit odd, but his wildflower garden around his thatched cottage was stunning! The professor was a nice guy too. :blush:


Chris Packham is a legend here in the UK.
He has popularised “nature” beyond belief.
Yes, weird just about describes it …he keeps poodles called Itchy and Scratchy


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: itchy and scratchy LOL