Movie on Honeybees

Just finished seeing a movie called More Than Honey which I thought was pretty interesting. Gave some good insight into beekeeping. More on the commercial side then on the private side but definitely a watch.

I watched it on netflix, don’t know where else it’s available.


Its a great movie, and can be purchased on Amazon.

Thank you for the recommendation. I really enjoyed the NOVA documentary on bees: Tales From The Hive.

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I also loved that movie, it has absolutely incredible footage of flying bees, mating queens in the air and some cool narration. In the end it was a bit depressing, when you see how some commercial beekeepers treat their bees…

Here’s the website


Just watched that Film. My German is scrappy but I understood what they were saying on the whole.
Visually brilliant. Love the old Swiss guy with his BeeHaus

The Wholesale Bee Keepers were not doing themselves any favours - the amount of Cross Contamination from their processing methods will contribute to the hive losses, foul brood, infection and colony collapse.

The bees are stressed from being moved, have no normal variant of diet and all told this would make for unhappy bees likely to succumb to pests, diseases and sickness. The chemicals from spraying commercial orchards, crops and other fodder compounds this and the probability of collapse.

It is not surprising bees are having a hard time. You don’t need to be a bee expert to see there needs to be a more natural, gentler way of keeping bees.

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