UK Arrival of The Flow

Woo…Hoo. My complete Flow Hive has arrived here in the UK. It was very exciting as I wasn’t expecting it…my information said…queued. Both the frames and the hive arrived together. The instruction book sat on top of the frames and my OH says it is a good instruction booklet too…so high praise from him!
After all the bad press here on the forums in the UK…BLAH…I stick my tongue out at you all!
Stu and Cedar have done what they said they would do…they have delivered a beautiful hive. The smell of cedar is intoxicating.
Now a trip to the DIY shop for oil and a pleasant evening building it. I already have a spare hive with frames…in case they need 2 brood boxes.
I have put in an order for some strong nectar flows here for the summer…so I get to use the Flow!
My bees are ready and waiting…
Totally thrilled…thank you Australia and especially to Stu and Cedar.


Picture, Picture, Pictures

Hope it is more than just your place for the Flow otherwise me and my girls will come camp in you Dessage yard! LOL

Ha ha…you will always be welcome…with and without your hives. I am so excited…can’t wait to put it together. How do I post pictures here?

when writing a comment it is the bar with arrow above it

Here are pictures as I open the boxes from Flow Hive.
They arrived in the normal Parcel Post Royal Mail. No vat or import charges…yay! Well Done Stu and Cedar…love it.
Now to build it…


Buggers! I want my taxes back!! Very fetching hat btw

I will have to save my vino corks to hang from the hat…Aussie Style!

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