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Hive arrived today


Hive arrived today, frames two weeks ago. Had problem with one of the frames but customer help is sending a replacement out.

Built the hive in an hour and gave it the first coat of tung oil. Looks amazing, really pleased with it.


Beautiful, thank you for sharing your before and after staining photos! Mine should be on the UPS truck - scheduled for delivery with an hour or so! Can hardly wait… :smile:



Great pix’s ! Guessing your excited … When approx do your bees come ? Mine are still about 4 to 5 weeks off but I can remember 5 month ago when I placed my deposit on 3 Nuc’s. I was first on the suppliers new list.

Again … Thanks for sharing … Flow-Hive looks great !



It sure is a pretty hive…I wish you a good season…I bet you can’t wait to put your bees in.


Yes I can’t wait. I’ve got two national hives. This is my first langstroth. Going to try and see if I can split a national into the langstroth with some modifications of course.