Just went 'Queued'

Exciting, my order just went to ‘Queued’ status so things are moving along. It’s not that I will need the hive any time soon, it’s the middle of winter here and I will not get my bees until spring, but I’m very exited nevertheless. :slight_smile:

I just move to 5ac of land so now decisions have to be made where the bees will have their home - had it all figured out for my previous little back yard but then this opportunity came along and lucky me now I have more space as I know what to do with.

Mine is still “not shipped”. Scheduled delivery was two days ago. Delivery date isn’t a big deal for me except that I wand someone to be home when my package of flow frames turns up.

Oh I’m sure from the date it goes to Queue you will get plenty notice, especially if you are in another country. I must say they did well with an estimate from 9 month ago and sticking to the month.

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I’m in Mullumbimby Australia just a few minutes away from Bangalow where Flow. have their office. I’m still at the mercy of production and shipping. I agree they are doing a great job. Where are you located?

Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada

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I didn’t realise they were in Bungalow - Mum lives only a couple of miles away NOS

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The box has arrived - that was fast.
But I think its the wood parts only without the flow frames. I got an email that they are shipping separately and I haven’t opened the box

Hi Valli,
I hadn’t figured “NOS” til just then. When I moved here with my young family in 1990, We rented a house in that vicinity. We had a nice little high set place on the canal. We were surrounded by paperbarks and would feed the lorikeets from the balcony. It was a great intro the the wonderful far North Coast of NSW.

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Mine too!! Waiting here in Florida!

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@sciencemaster Mum was on the canal for a while my sister lived in Pacific street New Brighton for quite a few years but moved recently.

I could walk from New Brighton to NOS along the beach and up to mum’s - took an hour.

Didn’t realise another sister stopping at Mum’s was coming down from Mum’s and we met along the shore line.

There is a Sea Eagle who has a haunt along there

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Hi we chatted last year. I’m from Victoria. I think you said you were on Vancouver island too. How are your bees doing? Did you get your flow hive going?