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Hive for sale in Connecticut


I received my Flow Super with 3 frames on February 20 2016. New in box. I supported this from day one, but won’t be able to start beekeeping this year, and do not want it sitting around. I want to get the money I put into it. I am in Connecticut, so it can be picked up. If you want it shipped you will have to pay for shipping. ewswart@yahoo.com


Shipping to Colorado may be prohibited, but at the right price, I might be interested. Please pm particulars. Thank you.


send me your zip to my email, so i can quote a proper shipping cost.
why do you say shipping to Colorado may be prohibited?


I meant to say prohibitive, considering the weight of the hive.

My zip is 81401
Montrose Colorado

Thanks again.


please email me- ewswart@yahoo.com
I don’t have your email address


I may be able to pick it up, I’m in NY, where are you in CT?
How much are you asking?


SOLD… don’t know how to delete the post