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Hive Genie, check this gadget!


Hi tyranest:

The $69 dollar model will have plug in capability but just not as many plug ins can be connected. We do think it is a very good starting point. We are currently testing the prototype to pinpoint how many plug int it can take. Our best guess is 4. Which is still plenty.

Thanks for your feedback, it encourages us with our testing and development.


Checked the pin count again, the $69 will have capability to 3 plug-ins.


Very interesting concept there MC. Kudos for sticking your neck out and giving it a go!

This sphere of the so-called ‘Internet of things’ is primed to simply explode with gadgets that are ‘plugged in’ and accessible from the comfort of your own recliner. Some of these gagets are connected because it’s helpful, others because…well…because they can be (‘everything’ is better with ‘Bluetooth’). This connectivity comes with one massive consideration that I dearly hope you have pondered:

Is this device going to be digitally secure?

If this device becomes connected to and part of an individuals WiFi network, what provisions are in place to protect the integrity of the host network?

*Researchers/hackers have already shown the ease at which internet connected driverless cars can be switched off, patient medication infusers manipulated and even make a ‘Connected A.I.’ toy doll bypass language guard rails and start swearing at the child (sounds funny - it is…and it’s not). *This paragraph is parsed from a newspaper article in todays Sydney Morning Herald.

There is a myriad of usable, valuable information whizzing around a personal WiFi network AND there are people who want it. Badly.

It would be a huge shame if the key to all this info came via a connected hive.

Please don’t take this as someone down on your concept - I am not. If I bought one, however - I would want it digitally bombproof.

Cheers guys.


Thanks for your feedback. I think it is very valuable. And you are right. We will be taking steps to protect every user. This is no minor thing and we will do everything we can to prevent this from happening. But in general the internet of things will expose us more to hackers. So I would guess that there are a lot of people working to build businesses around this issue.

Thank you.


What I’d really like is the ability to buy a cut-down version… and incrementally expand it up to the fullest possible version.


Even the Pentagon and CIA aren’t Digitally bombproof… so you’re sort of asking for the moon. One can take feasible steps to security, but if someone wants to know what you know… there is literally no stopping them no matter what.

It’s sort of like the farce of locks on our front door, when there is a bay window with a 4’x6’ piece of glass just across the wall, and decorative stones in the landscaping 2 feet from that. A locked door is only effective against people who only “kind of” want to steal your stuff. Anyone who seriously wants in, WILL get in.


Correct on that one adagna, to use your analogy, my comment was made in the hope that this little invention doesn’t become the ‘Glass Bay Window’.


@MarioChapa, when does the campaign start? There doesn’t appear to be any activity yet.



Thanks to all for your feedback, we went back to the drawing board and were able to come up with a basic model for $69 USD. This model will have almost all the capabilities of the full Queen version. So this would be a very low risk for all of you who want to try the Hive Genie first.

The main component in there which is bi-directional counting. This is the key to be able to estimate bee population and bee loses. Temperature and relative humidity inside the hive will also be part of this basic model that we conveniently call “Larva Model”.

We are only 5 days away from our launch next Monday. So please spread the word!


Campaign starts next Monday… we are getting the jiggles now! Can’t wait… but our video is not yet ready. I promise to let you guys see it before anyone else…


About the security, adagna is right. What we can do is make the bay window very small and very tough!


Hi I understand that, but you can’t upgrade the basic version to the full version right? So if I wanted the full version I’d have to buy the full version as well… which is less than optimal for me. :frowning:
If the basic version was able to be upgraded to the full version… then I’d be going for it, no problems.


Hi taryneast,
After much internal thought and debate, we came to the conclusion that we would be better off if we standardize our microcontroller, so as from today, the answer is YES. The basic one will be exactly the same except for the sensors that you will be able to add later on. Your concern is very valid and is very popular among beekeepers, so we decided to fix this beforehand. Best regards…


You are awesome! Thanks. I will go and check one out :slight_smile:


oops, looks like you’re making updates to the page (it’s in draft mode)… I’ll wait until you’re done :slight_smile:


oops, it’s still in draft mode. Can you let me know when it’s back online? Cheers :slight_smile:


just 5 more hours to go live, thanks for the interest… I will let you know


We are live on Indiegogo, check us out. HIVE GENIE Indiegogo Campaign


We are finally live taryneast…


It just did today JeffH