One Handed Hive Inspection

Decided to film with one hand today as my wife was tending to our garden. Sorry if the footage was not the best, and excuse me with some of the terms I was not using correctly. I meant to say capped drone brood. Again any suggestions and ideas will be greatly appreciated as myself and my wife are new BEEKs. Enjoy!!

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Your doing great Dylan. My only advise is to inspect less often as you’ve posted a fair few videos recently.

Feed feed feed your frames are far from drawn so your bees need some help and resources.

If I were you. I’d feed sugar syrup, check the feed every 5 days but reduce your inspections to once every 2 weeks until your colony is busting.

Every time you inspect the hive it sets the bees back.

As fun as it is to inspect patience and an understanding of what’s needed to boost your bee colony is critical.

The stronger the hive the higher success you’ll have over wintering.

Also buy a tripod for your phone to video one handed handling is clumsy and feels like your video was more a priority than the welfare of the bees. Please don’t take offense just an observation my friend.


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Thanks so much @HappyHibee. I do have a homemade sugar feeder which is covered by my flow super without the frames. I also added a full pollen patty for the girls, and placed on top of the two frames where capped brood was located. Do you recommend I use some Ultra Bee Dry along with providing 1-1 sugar water? I will follow your advice and will not check on them for two weeks as you instructed. :grinning: