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Hive location - two options, each has downsides

Hi all, planning where best to locate my hive when it arrives. Based on advice in this forum and other reading I have two kind of OK spots but each has drawbacks.

Would love some thoughts…

I made a mud map for a visual reference:

Location A

  • Western side of our house, facing south towards a fence
  • Shaded in summer from about 1pm onwards. Doesn’t get direct morning sun until 10am+ due to our 2 storey house.
  • 1m+ gap all sides providing easy maintenance
  • Not much night time light
  • Not much foot traffic, gate is rarely used
  • Won’t bother neighbours
  • Air-conditioner condenser/outside unit approx 3m away

Location B

  • Against western fence, facing west
  • Morning sun to get them started on back of the hive - but not directly on the front as it faces the fence
  • 30cm or less distance to fence
  • Dappled shade from noon from magnolia trees in summer
  • Much closer to the main area of the house with lights on at night time, and also our rangehood which is mounted outside leading to moderate noise that I thought might annoy them.
  • Closeness to the fence would make it tricky to observe the front of the hive.

Location A could be north facing except it would be directly at our clothesline.
Location B could be east or north facing but would look directly at the house and nigh time lighting

Tricky - appreciate any thoughts, or other spots that people think might be worth considering.


Both options with the entrances facing the fence as described will work. You really get the holly grail of a perfect site. I would use either. In fact why not bite the bullet and get two hives and use both spots…

Both locations look good and you have obviously researched it well. :slight_smile:

I was just wondering how high is the fence and what is on the other side. Is it a roadway? The fence will put the bees up in the air at above fence height, but if there are people walking on the other side, and the fence isnt much over head height, i would go for the option which places the hive furthest from the people.

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Thanks to you both for replying, glad to hear both are ok options. @AdamMaskew two hives is tempting but I’ll have to work up to that :slight_smile:

@JimM both fences are 1.8m. Location B is retained up about 600mm so it’s really 2.5m from ground level to fence top from outside the yard. Outside is just a nature strip then road.

Location A is near our front yard, about 6m before a footpath then road. So I don’t think it will pester anyone there either and is probably more remote all things considered.

Will probably go with location A based on that.


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