Hive Placement Near Standing Water

Hello, new to keeping and wanted some advice on hive placement. I live in North Florida, so cold isn’t an issue but I could see heat being. I was considering placing a hive at the edge of a pine thicket that catches the morning and evening sun, but is shaded during midday. This area stays moist and does fill with water after heavy rains. If I placed the hive 2’-3’ off the ground, would moisture build up be an issue inside? Water would never be directly under the hive, but it would be close.

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Don’t know about the heat/humidity bit but a hive a few feet off the ground would be a bugger to work with.


like rmcpb said but i would add be shure the entrence is faceing away from Prevailing winds check what dorection the sun rises and sets if the provailing winds dont blow in the direction of the raiseing sun i say pount the bee entrence in that direction that way the bees will get the first light of the sun witch thay will than begin thare daily forrage