Hive setup for brand new location and new owner

Hi all,

I am looking at my first purchase. People in our extended family are in the business but it’s my time to leave the hive so to speak.

I’ve been watching a bunch of youtubes and facebooks but I’m still to make a decision one way or the other…

Question: I know you can have a super and 2 broods stacked for extra space to reduce swarming but can you have 2 supers and 2 broods stacked? My idea is to tap between the two and alternate between to allow the black and yellow to keep food supplies up as well. :slight_smile:

Thoughts… please be nice (yes I was going to type bee there but I thought I get kicked out straight away :slight_smile:



Welcome, Nick! Don’t worry, this is a nice place to bee. There, I said it :smile:

Our esteemed member @Doug1 runs double Flow supers with success. He’s in a vastly different climate however, so your logistics could be pretty different. Here are previous posts that mention it:

Oh, awesome… definitely did some reading last night so thank you for that!!

I don’t suppose you know where the tutorials in here are do you?

Cheers and regards
Nick B