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Honey contamination


Hello! So was first time going into our first hive where there was honey, and we weren’t quite prepared. Gathered a couple of combs, put into a pot, squeezed out the honey. Lovely. So then it dawns on me that the gloves I was wearing had come into a small bit of roof cement a few weeks prior (any of it had long since dried). Basically I used by thumb and forefinger to snap the comb from the bar and put into pot. I’m thinking there is not saving the honey out of basic paranoia. We strained it, did not boil it Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks!


I would use it personally, but not sell it or give it away. One thing you could do is test it with pH paper. Honey should be 4 or less. Cement is alkaline, so if a lot got into the honey, the pH will be higher.


That’s what I was thinking. We’ve already eaten some and haven’t croaked, but didn’t feel it was responsible to give it away without proper warning to family, etc. I shall do the ph test, that’s a great idea! Might even strain it again, in case there are any stray particles. Any benefit in boiling? I know it takes care of micro-organisms and generally destroys most of the goodness.


I would not boil it. Wouldn’t have any effect on the cement or chemicals from it.


I also would not think of boiling your honey, that won’t remove any of the cement, strain it through a fine mesh strainer or even a material like panti hose(stockings) that have been washed in water and dried. That will take out any of the cement.
Boiling honey kills a lot of the befits you will get from eating the honey. The cooler you can extract the honey the better it is.
Welcome to the forum, there is lots of reading on things bee related and lots of help from members.


I think you will be all right. If you can see it, strain it. If you cant see it eat on your toast.
Biggest danger would be for it to set solid in the jar.:rofl::wink:


Thank you all for your replies. So just for fun, I bought some PH strips. Of course hard to get finite measurement, the color reference goes from like 0 to 40 in one color change. The color on the strip didn’t change at all (aka 0). Anyone have any experience of more sensitive strips? Might just give this up. Wife can eat all she wants. I’ll have her sign a waiver :wink:


I can’t see how dried cement could change the PH of the honey. My thought is that you have nothing to worry about.
I concur with your idea of feeding it to your wife, but just in case, as well as a waiver have her do her will as well.:grin: