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Honey from the flow hive


Hi Peeps. I extracted almost a half gallon of honey from my flow hive getting ready for winter. Most was capped, some was not. Because I don’t have a refractometer I worried about fermentation so I pasteurized the honey. Wow! It thickened it and brought out an intense flavor that is delicious! I put the honey in a stainless steel stock pot with a candy thermometer and heated it at 175 degrees for 30 minutes. It bubbled up and turned a rich dark color and then I let it cool off and skimmed the top and jarred it. I have to say both unfiltered and un-pasteurized are great and so is pasteurized. Glad I tried it! What the heck right? image|374x500


With you all the way.
I didn’t do anything with the dregs I took before putting the Flow super away for the Winter 2 years ago and that honey fermented and went really rancid in about 6 months. Had to throw it out.
By the way your pic didn’t work.


Thanks I got the new Iphone 10x and wondered why? I think I did to high a quality. I’ll try again.


All good, the honey looks very pale. This before boiling up?
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Racy? I have nothing on @Martha! :smile: I still want to see a photo of her on a boat with her loins girded up - she said she would… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Yes after the treatment it was brandy colored.


Ok ok I’m really not that shy but one day I’ll do it


As always, I am full of admiration for the things you try, @Martha. You persist and your outlook is so positive, I just love it. :heart_eyes:


Thanks! I try all the stuff y’all suggest if it benefits the bees and honey. I love the forum too! :grinning: You’re especially helpful too.


I think I would like to see the video with @Martha , @Dawn_SD and our @Eva singing “On the Good Ship Lolly Pop…” That in deed would be a sight to behold. :star_struck::star_struck:


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My flow hive 2 has shipped! I’m doing a can can @Peter48 @Eva @Dawn_SD :dancing_men::dancing_men::dancing_men::man_dancing:t5::dancer: :raised_hands::notes::grinning:


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Why am I thinking there won’t be a video :grin:
Have fun on assembling the Flow Hive and getting it all set up for your girls.
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Do you know what the winged disease is called? Is there a treatment for it? A friend of mine in CA has it in her hive. Ild like to forward her some information.

I’ll check out other parts of the forum too.

By the way, is pasteurizing the honey effective on preventing fermentation?

My hive arrives today by the end of the day. Whoop!


There are two main ones, Deformed Wing Virus (DWV) and K-wing.

DWV is much more common, but it can’t be treated, only prevented. It is caused by Varroa weakening the bees so that they can’t fight the virus. The only thing to do is treat the Varroa, and if you have DWV, you need to treat right now! If not, something like 90% of hives will die within 6 months. If she hasn’t treated for Varroa, this would be my top concern.

K-wing is a bit different and has a number of causes, including Nosema and tracheal mites. Nosema can be treated with thymol syrup. Tracheal mites probably get killed by Varroa treatments, but many experts recommend grease patties.

If she can send a photo of affected bees, we can help work out which it might be.

No idea, I have never tried it myself. It should help, but it will depend on the heat tolerance of the fermenting organisms, and also whether the honey gets re-exposed to the fermenting yeasts after opening it. After all, pasteurization only kills what is already in it. It doesn’t fix the water content problem. If more yeast drifts into it from the atmosphere when it is sitting open on the breakfast table, it could start fermenting again. :blush:

Would love to see photos when you have it built. :wink:


Great to get the news and your excitement is infectious.