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Honey syrup business


Hi there,
I have 10 hives there, I wasn’t doing any business. I usually extract the honey twice every month. I will get around 20 bottles of honey. Usually, my friends on their visit get it from me and go. But for the last 2 years I was making syrups and selling it to the nearby friends and neighbors. I found that I am getting a good business from it, so I am planning to extent my business little further by starting a honey syrup store. But I know it is not a simple task for me as I am inexperienced. Last day, I saw some tips for starting a new business https://www.ontariobusinesscentral.ca/blog/a-helpful-checklist-for-starting-a-business/ and I felt like I can do the business if I get some more ideas like this. Can someone share such interesting articles that might help me in business?


From an old-time beekeeper: “The best way to make a small fortune is to start with a large fortune.” lol.


Hi Liza,
My advice would be to start small and keep selling to friends and family. As the demand for your honey grows, then you can expand slowly to meet that demand. To open a Honey Store without the demand for your product is setting up for failure. Use free tools to begin with like Facebook to advertise locally, type up a leaflet to drop in letterboxes and do it all yourself to keep costs down. If your honey product is professional, you will develop a loyal following and can plan to expand from there.