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Honeybees & LED Lights


I discovered something I thought was interesting today while removing a bee hive from a wall cavity in a dark area. The occupants assisted me with an LED spot light. I told them to keep the light well back because the bees are attracted to light. Later on as the afternoon wore on and it got darker the occupants turned the fluro lights on, the bees absolutely swarmed around them but no bees on the LED light. At one point, there was only one bee at the LED light, next time I looked, she was gone.


That’s interesting Jeff, I use an LED torch to put the chickens away each night and always checkout the hives whilst walking past, I have never been buzzed by them with the torch but have been harassed with other light sources. Never thought anything of it till now. Might have try an experiment or two.


@Rodderick Hi Rod, I was amazed. It’s a huge colony in the bargain. The location was nothing like I expected. Under the house of an old Queenslander. It’s never like you imagine during the telephone conversations. The thing I was worried about was the bees getting savage working in the dark area but that didn’t happen so that was a REAL bonus. If I get the queen, which I think she may be in the box I left, she’ll be a good one to breed from. Getting back to the lights, it’ll be a good question to ask Dr. Karl on science talkback.