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Where to purchase 25mm OD silicon food grade pipe?

Hey All,

I am getting very close to my first ever harvest of the flow frames & I have seen how some have used pipe instead of the provided hard tubes so as to extract the honey into 1 container.

I have search online for the specific 25mm outer diameter size (with minimum 3mm thickness) as per Cedar’s recommendation I read in another post from 4 years ago.

There are sellers from CHINA, Hong Kong with the tubing but I worry it isn’t food grade & may have some toxins or contamination.

Anyone else implemented this form of harvest & know where I can purchase the pipe I need?



Hi Ryan, I think you can get this at Bunnings, or your local hardware. Please let us know how you go as I expect others will be interested to know where to purchase this also. If I can add any further info from our end I’ll do that too.

Thanks Mr Freebee for your advice. I went to Bunnings and sure enough there was food grade hose there. I managed to purchase the 19mm ID & 26mm OD, that was the closest I could get to the recommended 25mm OD. If it doesnt fit I can do some slicing & dicing to get it to fit in I guess.

I also purchased 500g squeeze bottles so I can share the honey from my first harvest with friends. (CLOSE Friends :stuck_out_tongue: ) Not from Bunnings of course! Had to order from a business in QLD…

I am now looking for a 30L Bucket with honey gate…

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That’s great Ryan! Glad you were able to find it easily. Look forward to hearing how it goes.
Your friends will be stoked to have some of your beautiful honey direct from the source :slight_smile:

I think she is a Ms Freebee, or just Free. She is too polite to tell you that though! :blush:

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I found the food grade hose from the B store had a terrible smell, too chemically and I had to walk away, possibly a release agent or off gassing. I finished up going to Clark rubber and purchasing from there. Although it still smelt it was nothing like the B stores product and no longer smells.
A quick google of PVC shows Toxic Toxic Toxic and Toxic myths. I’ve heard hard PVC is less toxic than soft PVC but I’ve also heard the earth is flat…:flushed:

Ditto, I got my food grade hose from Clark rubber also.

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I think she is a Ms Freebee, or just Free.

Certainly am Dawn :slight_smile: And no bother Ryan, it’s a bit hard to tell through the veil :wink:

Good to know, thanks - I’ll suggest Clark rubber as an alternative in future

Hey fffffred

Can you please clarify what size I should purchase? I have to buy it from their online store & they provide measurements of the internal diameter. But I need to go by the outer diameter as I am plugging the hose INSIDE the outlets of the flow frame.

Which size did you get? And did you need to do some mods to the pipe first?

My tube is stamped “25mm Food Contact (CVT)”. The ID of the tube is 25mm and I’ve just wrestled it on to the plastic extraction tube similar to this:

If you’re trying to insert the tube into the flow frames, try the next size down… 20mm? According to Cedar if you insert it well enough, the leak back hole will be blocked:

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Noooo not inside the tube!
25mm I.d. fit the flow tube inside your pipe. And get 2M. :wink:
This is the one I got from CR.

It does still smell though, just not as much.
And fitted.

Yeah I know it could do with a clean…:slightly_smiling_face:

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I think he wants to insert into the flow frame… not the inside of the extraction tube…

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Yes indeed, i read in another post someone was able to put pipe directly into flow frame negating the need to have the extraction tube (less bits to prepare the better)

I will have a try with the 26mm OD pipe i have this afternoon & see if i can make it fit…

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Aaah I see that makes sense now, my bad. Sort of. I can’t really see the point of that really, the flow tubes, although a push fit and removable, stay on the pipe and is just 1 piece, plus when inserting the Flow tube you’re cleaning out the feedback slot in the chamber. I’d also be worried about the flexible plastic falling out of the frame as it bends down to the collection container. I’m always adjusting the angle to increase and decrease the flow so wouldn’t suit me but let us know how you go @Beaver82 if you do go down this route. :+1:

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Well I have managed to get the 26mm OD pipe happily fitting directly into the flow frame. Because there is about 4mm of thickness I don’t expect any leakage if i get it firm against the frame at the bottom. Or maybe do some more cutting of the pipe so it can slip under the lip a little inside the frame.

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If the tubing wall is too thick it will not only block the leak back point but may create a dam and prevent all the honey from flowing out.