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How much time bees take to produce honey?


I am planing on starting my own bee farm and will need help from this community.

I am currently researching on bee farming and I have this question " How much time does bee produce honey"

I live in India


It depends on the weather and the forage.
I can tell you one thing…they eat it faster than they make it :frowning:


Can take a year or two before you start to harvest a commercial amount of honey, but the bees need food all year round. That could be flora/nectar available in your region or the bees honey stores during winter or when there is nothing flowering. You should make an assessment of the area you plan to keep bees, what is flowering each month and how much is available as nectar and pollen to the bees, they need both food sources to survive. Most agricultural or rural areas are monocultures for bees and may only flower for a few weeks each year, in which case unless you move or feed you bees they will not survive… best of luck.


That’s a great question, however it’s almost like asking “how long is a piece of string”. It all depends on the strength of your colonies, your climate, what food is available for your bees, etc.etc. Your best to ask around your local area to find out how other beekeepers are going.


Somebody, a friend ask the same question and that is the answer I gave