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How many cells in deep foundation?

Hi all

Let’s limit it to worker size cells.

I counted my plastic foundation cell impressions and got just under 3,200 per side (41x78) and wax just under 3500 (45x77).

This article: https://beesource.com/point-of-view/walt-wright/how-many-eggs-can-a-queen-lay/ says: ‘The count yields slightly more than 3500 cells per side or 7000 cells per deep frame.’

I think I’ll say generally 6-7 thousand.

So I round it up to 8000 and match that with 2000 eggs per day - a high average maybe = about 6 days. I also round that up to one week. So ~one frame to ~one week’s laying.

Any other suggestions/findings?

best wishes

Hi Joe, I tend to round down to me more conservative. I round down to 6,000 cells per frame, plus I round down to 4,000 bees per frame. That allows for for any honey, pollen, cut corners etc. I also work on 2,000 eggs per day, generally speaking. Therefore I figure that a queen would spend 2 days on a single frame.

This is all dependent on weather, honey/pollen flow & the status of the colony, of course.

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go back to school Joe! 8/2=4, not 6!

This fella actually counted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjyNcyVvbEI at 5:08 into the video.


thanks, a good summary that I agree with