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How to use Windows Movie Maker to Improve Videos


I’m showing how to use Windows Movie Maker to improve videos.


Thanks Jeff, once again for sharing & helping :slight_smile:


Thanks Jeff
When I was a beginner I found taking still shots really useful. I could look into the frames minutely at my leisure. I guess technology moves on though :roll_eyes:
I do wonder though at some of the videos particularly on YouTube where it’s evident that the hives are being kept open and frames exposed for an awful long time while somebody videos it in detail. Your little lesson should help . Thanks for putting it up


Hi Kirsten, & @Dee, your most welcome, thank YOU:)


I use go pro studio myself. I’m getting better at it day by day but when you take a video once a week and I like to try to get them up asap. i feel like that’s directed at me a little @Dee . I for one am just doing what i can. I thought it would be good for people to see a new keeper struggle a bit and give advice, but most here seem to ignore them. It’s pretty discouraging for me to post something i’m pretty passionate about and have very few look at it and even less comment. I’m out in rural Alaska, alone as far as beekeepers are concerned. I know i screw up sometimes and i want to capture that. We can’t all be experts, but if someone else can start keeping bees and learn from my mistakes or my successes than i feel like i’ve succeeded. I’m getting better at faster inspections i feel… getting them to around 15-20 minutes. I look forward to checking my hives all week, and i may draw it out a bit just because i find them fascinating. Sorry to be reactionary, just had to say what i felt.


I wasn’t talking about you at all
Don’t be so sensitive

I wish you the very best
You are keeping bees in conditions even worse than I am and overwintering I understand is a problem.
There is a world of difference between posting a few videos as you learn and waving frames about for half an hour when nobody can see what you are looking at in the first place.


Ok. It just gets discouraging. I,ll keep posting.