Hybrid Hive - Where do i start?

Hi Everyone,

We’re based Cheshire and I have recently set up my Hybrid flow hive but i’m struggling to find anyone to supply bees. One guy I have spoken to said that this hive is not good to start out with because it doesn’t have british standard frames so I wont be able to get bees in it and i’d have to send it to someone to modify to get the bees in the brood box and that we need to wax the frames etc.

I’ve just signed up to the online course so hopefully this will explain further but if someone can please advise re the size of the frames, are they not standard for UK?

I basically have all the gear and no idea. haha. I have got manuals and will do the course but need some advise on what to do first.


The Flow hive uses Langstroth deep frames. There are UK beekeepers who use Langstroth hives, but they are the minority. Have you joined a local bee club? You might find somebody there who does use a Langstroth hive.

The other option is to get a nucleus on British National frames (these are standard in the UK) and just use cable ties to adapt them like this:

Easy! :blush:

Also, take the Super off the brood box. You’re just asking for trouble if you’ve already got your Super on and won’t have a brood box bursting with bees…



I live in Tamworth (West Midlands) don’t listen to all the crap about modifications and you can’t do this or that with a flow hive it’s all bollocks.

Standard Flow Hive is a Langstroth which is the most used bee hive in the world. UK national hives are different but you’ll get bees and equipment for your Flow Hive anywhere online.

My advice to you is to start studying as you seem pretty blind and keeping bees isn’t just a try and see how it goes you have a duty of care to the bees and to avoid the spread of disease. YouTube is fantastic as is Flows Facebook and YouTube channels. The beekeepers.org is another invaluable source and free for a month just now.

It’s easy to get nucs/colonies on langstroth frames/hives in the UK.

However the current Covid-19 situation will probably set you back a season unless you have a local club/association that can help you out or trap a swarm.

Happy Valley Honey https://www.happyvalleyhoney.co.uk/ is a local bee breeder and honey farm near you.

Owners name is Paul top bloke and has nucs and full colonies on langstroth he’s one of the UKs biggest suppliers in langstroth. Website is not advertising sales of bees for now due to the requirement for social distancing.

You don’t sound ready for bees yet and dont take that as an insult but you need to learn the foundations and not knowing about hive sizes but buying a FlowHive etc shows you need to study a bit more.

Won’t take long but if you want to enjoy keeping bees it’s better to have the basic understanding otherwise you’ll end up with a very expensive empty wooden box.

Message me anytime for help I’m no expert but nothing that can’t be worked out with help :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, Thanks for your message, I know Tamworth, I grew up near Lichfield and I’ve actually just messaged Paul after finding his site. I am a little behind on the study I know, but ive just signed up to thebeekeeper.org and going through the courses now and I have manuals etc im reading. So my hope is by June I can get some bees and will know more about what I’m doing.

We did have a course booked but it has been cancelled due to the virus, I also didn’t realise I needed to pre order bees, cant find anyone who has any in stock suitable. But it will give me time to study.

Thanks for your help.

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Couple more links for you of suppliers still offering 2020 nucs.



You also have lots of local clubs in and around you so another good place to source bees. It’s early swarm season, people will be doing splits.

If you haven’t already join the BBKA you’ll get monthly catalogues, magazines, insurance, course schedules and workshop information.

Your best to call Paul

Hi @KC2020 i just happened upon your post now and realized it’s from last year - how did everything go for you?!

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