I got my new toy

My hive scale/monitor arrived from Brushy Mountain yesterday. Now all I have to do is wait for April 21st to get my bees (which I also got a delivery confirmation from yesterday). I am actually kind of glad that Flow was running a little behind. If I had to sit on this stuff very much longer I think I would lose my mind lol.

Very nice! I think I am going to get my hubby an Arnia hive monitor for his birthday gift in August… Always great to buy somebody a gift that you would like to use too… :smiling_imp:


what is it and what does it do?
forgive my ignorance!

It is a hive scale and monitoring software that should help me learn the ropes on my new hive. It will text out warnings if the hive loses too much weight, gains too much weight, tips, is too hot or cold etc. It’s just another tool to help me manage the hive.

Hey Adam, would be nice to hear of your progress this bit of kit.

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I’ll definitely be posting some of the charts and graphs of the info it gives me.


here is the basic jist of it. As you can see it sat in my laundry room for 5 days before I got the hive sealed and the stand put together. The temp in the laundry room was pretty stable, which is interesting to see. The hive itself with frames/foundation, exluder, etc but without the flow frames comes in at just under 28lbs.

It is amazing how fast some wood and plastic adds up. After putting the flow frames in and installing my slatted rack above my bottom board the full hive came in at 42.7#. You can see our temps are already starting to spike up near a 100 degrees…