I need a NUC Help needed Thailand PLEASE

I live in Samui Thailand and I need some bees and a queen TIA

Best bets are to find a local beekeeper and organise a nuc. Also, it would be worth setting up some swarm traps too.

Good luck

BTW welcome to the forum.


Thankyou trying to find one but difficult.not sure about the traps the bees around me are really small .not stingless but small.kinda worries me the hive will be to big for them :pray:

From what I remember those will be a different species and very prone to swarming. Don’t know much else about Asian Bees.

This is exactly what I was told also …last resort if I can’t find what I need I think…:pray:

I’ve got a colony of bees moved into the roof space above my patio.my hive is on the patio on the opposite side of the house :weary: anyhow.without taking my roof apart how can I get them to move 15 metres :joy:moving the hive is not a possibility…TIA

Hi Steven, you can do a “trap-out”, which is fairly simple to do. You need a frame of open brood plus a piece of hose with a wire funnel on the end, plus a few more bits & pieces. I can talk you through it, if you like.