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Hivekeepers App


Has anyone tried the “HiveKeepers” app? $35 a year looks good. Curious what people are thinking about it before I pay $35 I’m going to give it the month trial


I have been using the HiveKeepers app for a couple of months and am generally very happy - certainly the best app I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot).

The reasons I chose it is that you can log what’s flowering on the inspection and store photos of each frame and scroll through them in chronological order which I love. There are at least 3 different ways to log an inspection which is perhaps a little bit over complicated, but if you like storing vast amounts of data this app is probably for you.

We got it from the App Store (Australia) as a free trial first so had a month to play. They seem pretty pro-active with the app too, asking for suggestions/ modifications and I think they are setting up a forum for users to chat.

All in all pretty happy so far :slight_smile:




I am always reluctant to do the subscription thing. If I can’t buy outright I don’t buy.
If you want to do things for free there are a lot out there or just make your own app from Excel or MSWord. Here a couple of freebies http://ericshoneyfarm.com/beekeeping/resources/


I like buying out right as well. And that’s why I’m reluctant to pay a subscription regardless of how little it is.

The better reason to join a subscription is that the database gets tweaked and the people are actually making money so they care and want to continue tweaking and releasing updates. The other reason I could see is if the database is shared a greater knowledge of the community is being formed.

Regardless I hate subscriptions but it may be the best way for me to go


Thank you, I will follow up I just loaded it last night by the way which other ones have you tried so I can maybe scratch them off my list :slight_smile:


Hi Marty. Thanks for giving the Hivekeepers App a trial. I hope you find it helpful. If you have any questions during your trial please get in touch via simon@hivekeepers.com. Thanks for your interest. Cheers. Simon


If there would be an annual fee I would be more comfortable as well. Monthly access to my credit account I would never allow. If its annual and I have to authorize the payment I would be ok.
Also, if people only have 3 hives, why pay as much as people who have hundreds?
Else I liked the app. But I am currently looking for other options.


I am using the BeePlus app. When I got it was free- but now it costs $5- which is absolutely well worth it. for my needs it does everything I want- it’s (relatively) simple to use and has worked perfectly to date. It makes it easy to manage multiple apiaries. I really like the satellite view which shows the possible foraging range of your bees.


Wow, this really looks good it’s only 299 right now, for 299 I’m going to at least give it a try


I use the free version of Hive Tracks: https://hivetracks.com


I use HiveTracks too. Not free, but pretty close to free. :slight_smile:


Mines still free. Maybe I got in early.