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Plant id help. Hibbertia?

I see there are a few plant enthusiasts on this forum, and maybe someone can help with this plant id, in the Perth region, of Western Australia.

I’m having this plant, which I am assuming it is a Hibbertia sp. It is growing like a weed on a clay footpath which was brought in to back fill a retaining wall. It is different from the native buttercups I see around me. It is prostrate, or a small shrub and doesn’t seem to mind me trampling over it (hence the prostrate habit I think).

I can’t find it on my local wildflower id guides, at least not with corresponding leaves. Stems have a reddish tinge.

The bees seem to love it. If it is an alien weed, I’ll pull it before it spreads, but if it is a native I’ll try to propagate it from cuttings as I have other clay areas difficult to get local plants to grow.

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