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Importing Queens and other Bee Products to WA is a BIG no-no

From a WAAS email today (12 Sep 2017):

Bees and Bee Products into Western Australia

There has been information very recently acquired by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development that Queen bees have been bought into WA from Eastern States.

Please be aware that under Western Australia’s Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007 (BAMA) the importation of ANY bees or used beekeeping equipment into Western Australia from interstate is strictly prohibited.

Honey and other bee products (i.e. wax, pollen, royal jelly, etc.) are restricted products that can only be brought into Western Australia under strict quarantine conditions (this includes products that contain bee products as an ingredient).

Western Australia is currently free from a number pf pests and diseases and, as a result, it is extremely important that Western Australia’s biosecurity status is not threatened by transactions that could put our bee populations at risk by introducing exotic bee pests and disease to the state.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development’s Agriculture and Food enforces BAMA and requests that you please check for any restrictions that may apply before importing bee products into Western Australia to avoid putting our biosecurity at risk. If detected your merchandise will be confiscated with the imposition of a costly fine and/or prosecution likley.

If you happen to be online and notice that there is no restrictions advertised from an interstate (or overseas seller) regarding bee related products please advise a DPIRD Apiary Officer (PBHoney@dpird.wa.gov.au), a member of the WAAS committee (info@waas.org.au) or a BICWA member (bicwa@iinet.net.au); IMMEDIATELY.


Very sad to receive the email.

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What sort of a naive or self centred bee person would do that?
What was the seller thinking?
Commercial or hobby?
I recently heard of a commercial guy being sprung transporting bees down from up north and got to Gin Gin before being stopped. Had shb in the hives too…
Too close for comfort. He must have known but obviously didn’t care… The punishment should have been 1000 ouches from 1000 stings…
Shame shame shame.