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Indian BeeKeepers


How to raise bees in India?


Hi Yusuf,

That’s a pretty broad question. The best place to start is reading online and talking to bee keepers in your area.



As @sara sugested the best idea would be to connect with a local group. There is a lot to learn and local knowledge is essential.


Just got two boxes of bees from a local dealer. Apis Indica bees. The frames seem to be much smaller than the Flow frames. Will the bees build their combs on them? Are these bees suitable for the Flow system?


Probably not. The Flow hive was designed for Apis mellifera, not Apis cerana indica which is likely what you have. The cerana subtype is a much smaller bee, and it will be hard for them to seal the plastic Flow frames. I don’t know if anyone breeds Apis mellifera in India, but that is the species that you need for the Flow hive.