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Interest to communicate with local Flow Hive owner-operators to adapt local best practices


We are scheduling a production pilot comparison between local hives and flow hives. Are there any flow hive owner/operators interest to support with the experience incountry to date?


This topic still alive or what?


It is now… :wink: You just resuscitated it! :smile:


Don’t know bro, but yes because of you this topic raise one more :stuck_out_tongue:


So, who are the local operators which has experience in the country? kinda interested in this topic as well…


Hi there…nice to see a few comments after all these months! Are any of you producing honey incountry yet? Our original input last August (above) still applies…


Any information on local gatherings or information night/day or such? Please do share, trying to learn and get more information regarding this space.



Hi @finnindo
Wah lagi mau penelitian ni :wink:
Saya punya flow, tapi lagi ga buat produksi dlu . .
Skrg sibuk ngurusin musuhnya sma mau mecah2 koloni baru, abis itu bru dipake lg :slight_smile:

finnindo dari mana ya klo blh tau?

waduh ga ada yang begituan sih bro, paling banter pameran di mal yg isinya org jual madu dr berbagai produk (nusantara, madusari, rimba, K3, dll gitu . . Setau saya emang ga pernah ngadain kumpul2 gitu . . klo ngumpul jg plg pas lg ad event jualan makanan & minuman, ato lg di konferensi AAA ato pas Apimondia :slight_smile:


@finnindo @michang I’m just gonna spy on the topic, no harm in trying to learn the business side of it as well.

@michang Oh saya baru aja pikir ada club gt kyk club mobil/motor, siapa tau disitu dapet belajar lebih cepet dan banyak. Konferensi AAA itu apa ya?

Saya pernah pergi pameran food & beverage gitu, tapi yang hadir tentu saja perusahaan besar semua dan terlalu komersil tidak ada yg skala UMKM.


Hello, all. I just wanted to introduce myself here. I am currently living in Batam, Indonesia. While doing some basic research on developing bee colonies for the primary purpose of maintaining pollinators on our local plantation, I came across Michael Chang’s posting here in the Flow forums. At the same time I came across Honey Flow products and immediately developed interest. It would be interesting to develop a community or at least an interest group, if none exist, where we can develop a shared knowledge base related to colony development in Indonesia.

@michang Saya minat ngomong sama bang Michael untuk dapat info dari pengalaman kamu bikin koloni di Jawa. Rencana kami mau bikin koloni buat perkebunan kita yg baru di Batam. Kalau ada waktu saya mau minta info kontak nya. Email saya: sagsoul4@yahoo.com


Hi Chad - it would great to connect and learn more about what you’re doing in Batam. I’m about to undertake R&D on existing Honey Flow (HF) activity in Indonesia (if any units and production exists?!) as well as set-up a couple HF colonies to compare to the standard production hive used incountry. It would be good to know what others are doing to help the nascent industry grow. DF email: finnindo@cbn.net.id


Thanks for the reply and interest. I have responded via the email address you have provided.


Hi Chad, I have just ordered a Flow Hive Classic Araucaria for use in Batam. I am curious as to whether there are typical diseases & pest in this area that would affect bees?