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Inspection photos. Any concerns?


Just finished my second inspection at 2.5wks of two hives. Never spotted the queen in either hive but see plenty of pupae. My untrained eye was unable to make out eggs so I was wondering if I could tell from these photos if the brood here is worker brood or drone so I could be sure my queen is there somewhere. Also if there are any other concerns I missed that can be spotted, I would appreciate the feedback.




Well done TT, they are beautiful photos of worker larvae in all stages. The slightly raised caps on the brood is an indicator of worker brood. It’s easy to recognize drone larvae in worker cells because the bees will build the cells higher as well as the caps will be more rounded.


Queen is on A1b at the Right hand edge.

If you draw a straight line from your Pink gloved thumb 30° down towards the opposite edge just above the half way mark


Thanks! I poured over these photos looking for it but now that you pointer her out I don’t know how I could have missed her.


I’m the same as you TT, I didn’t spot her, I was only looking at the brood. She IS a beautiful specimen of a queen.


I thought things looked healthy and the other hive looks pretty much the same but considering I missed the queen and the eggs, I wondered if there was anything else I was missing. Thanks for the consultation - much appreciated.