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Installing an observation port in a beehive?


I have done some research and searching on this topic but most everything discusses a full observation hive not an observation port in the side of a standard hive.

Has anyone done this before? What materials should be used? Plexiglas is very prone to scratching so I’m thinking glass even though it is more fragile; to allow for better cleaning/scraping if burr comb is attached to it. Plexi would allow for better insulation. So they both have their pluses and minuses.

How much cleaning on these surfaces is generally needed? Do they get propolised or combed over often?


LOL Adagna! Bees live to gunk up everything we do that invades their space and privacy. You can’t avoid it. So consign yourself to constant clean-up duty :blush:


LOL I kind of figured that was the case, but every time you see one on youtube or other pictures the observation window is clean and sparkly… I thought that might have been too good to be true.


Here is a picture of a ‘real’ observation window - yes, they do place propolis and burr comb against it, but it is still really handy to have a peek inside the hive to check on them without opening. Particularly useful if you are starting out, and also a lot of fun :smile:

This is from a Warre hive that I built, and it uses perspex. To date cleaning has not been an issue, just a scrape down with the hive tool and a gentle buff with a soft cloth.



I agree, the comb built on it has not been enough to obscure the view. Minimal, actually. And it’s plexi not glass, held in place with thumbtacks.


Have you seen this? http://www.honeyflow.com/about-flow/modify-langstroth-box-for-flow/p/142
Part 9 talks about the observation window.


I had not seen that, thanks!


Could you possibly provide more pictures of this frame and hive with the view window. I was searching for this topic and I believe you’ve answered the question. I’m wanting to add a view window to the end of my brood box. One, it sounds like it’s possible, looking for suggestions.