Internet Helps Family Identify Horrible Thing Growing in Their Water Meter,

I couldn’t workout why my video is going viral.

This kind of explains it.


Wow Jeff! I had no idea there were native bees that built hives like that- they are kind of monstrous! are those honey pots full of honey? Is it thinner than honey bee honey? Tastey?

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They probably have over $500 worth of bees in there, and people are telling them to burn it???!!!


Just shows the average IQ of most internetizens, I suppose. Now that you are so famous, @JeffH and Wilma, are we still allowed to chat with you? :smile:

Apparently native bee honey is extremely delicious, but very difficult to harvest. If you can find anyone who will sell it, it is outrageously expensive. The other point is that many native bees do not gather a vast excess of honey, so you have to be very careful not to take too much.

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Those hives do look pretty creepy, but very cool. Glad you got a little bump of notoriety out of it lol.

Wow! I would not call it a “horrible thing”. I’d say “they found the most facinating thing…”

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OMG, who ever wrote that article… Those eggs look like golden pearls :slight_smile:
Sounds like you’re saying carbonara Jeff :yum:

Hi & yes I agree @Michael_Bush & @Faroe, I can’t figure out some of the comments people are making, such as “grab a flame thrower” & “looks disgusting”. Yes, golden pearls indeed.

Hi @Semaphore, yes, some honey pots full of honey, it IS thinner than honeybee honey & it is tasty, it’s kind of citrusy.

Hi @Dawn_SD & @adagna, Yes, absolutely Dawn:) however I’m rapidly becoming less famous. The best day that video got, correction: 137k views. For the last 8 hours it only got 5k. Just because the video featured in that article, it jumped from just a few thousand to over 300 thousand in a few days. I wouldn’t have had a clue what was going on except that “Pop’s Shack” alerted me.


I know you aren’t directly in the path of Cyclone Debbie, @JeffH, but I hope you and Wilma are safe from the backlash of the storm too. It looked like a real monster. :fearful: Hope that all of our other Queensland beekeepers are OK too.

Thank you Dawn:) we’re supposed to be getting lots of rain tomorrow & Friday. We’re no strangers to leftover rain from Cyclones. I reckon if I lived up there I’d construct my house the same way they build the evacuation centers. I’d go for a smaller, bunker type construction house. Anyway it’s hot & humid enough here, I wouldn’t want to live up there where it’s more hot & humid.


fame only last 5 minutes for most of us jeff :wink: hope you enjoyed it while it lasted… glad to hear you and your bees didn’t cop a direct hit from the cyclone.

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I can’t believe some peoples ideas of ‘horrible’???