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Introducing my bee package to my Flowhive


So this morning I was up at 5 to start my 5 hour round trip to BS Honeybees at Cheltenham to pick up my package of Buckfast bees. Here is a link to the not very professional video I made of the occasion, hope you enjoy.


I know it’s not a crown board is the queen excluder.


Thanks for that. I enjoyed watching
What a palaver. No wonder most people get nucs on frames. Still I suppose that’s the future.
I read that BS are imports
Are the Buckfast from Cyprus?


Couldn’t get nuc on Langstroth Dee so a package it had to be, my first hive was a wild swarm and this is basically an artificial swarm and was quiet exciting, Europe is all I know.


Sorry I thought you meant where we’re they imported from but they originally came from Buckfast Abby in Devon.


I was just curious.
No serious breeding has been done at Buckfast Abbey for over 25 years, which is a shame.
Most is now done in Europe, notably Germany.
The mating station formerly used by Brother Adam at Sherberton on Dartmoor and two more mating stations on Exmoor have been established and II is being used in a programme to remedy this.
My Buckies come from there :slight_smile: