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Is there a Bee type for BC , Canada?


What type is ok with hot summers and -3 as an average low winter?


Have you seen this poster, it may help to choose a bee that you like. Also contact your local beekeepers as they will have already experimented with the different species.


@Rodderick can you please repost that image, it’s not working


I like the poster!


@Sabine, I have checked with a couple of others who are able to view it, could you please let me know if you are still having the issue?


I saw the poster yesterday… But it doesn’t show up right now?


@Rodderick the preview still doesn’t work but once I click on it I can see it now.
Thanks for the info


Well there is an Okanagan bee and that is what I got!
Bill’s Honey Farm Kelowna!
Sells Swarms!


I think they’re bees from Okanaga rather than a specific breed of bee?


The bees I got I’m told are a hybrid of 2-3 types and they were breed for the Okanagan area?
Now if they would / could work in other areas who knows are only people that have tried.


That’s interesting, do you know what the 2-3 types were?



Bill Ruzicka

Bill’s Honey Farm – Home of the MiteGone Formic Acid Treatment

2910 Glenmore Road North
Kelowna, British Columbia, CANADA V1V 2B6

Phone/Fax 1-250-762-8156 (the best way to reach me is by phone Pacific Time)
Email: billruzicka@mitegone.com (include your phone number so I can call
you back)

Website: www.mitegone.com

The above fellow who invented “mite gone” (above info)
Bill Ruzicka was part of the government program and breading!
I bought my bee’s from him.
He stated the bee’s were bread for the Okanagan!
They seem small in body ( but I’m new to bees , so what do I know) but they
seem friendly !
I’ve yet to see any mite or sign of any other bad stuff in the 3
inspections I’m done ( again new to this)


Well I’m really interested in the bee types.

We don’t have Varroa in Australia as yet & even if we did, I wouldn’t be ordering treatment from the US, it costs too much. ( I looked at an $8 Hive tool yesterday, it was going to cost me $99 postage_standard rate!!!) .
So if you have any info on the former I would love to hear about it.


Wow postage is huge?
And your money is like 2.2 times greater then ours , I would have thought
it very cheap for you to buy from us!
Anyway go to www.mitegone.com
Read about the treatment and Bills phone number is
I just installed the pads in my hives before I camp to camp( my job)
I work 14 days in a camp and 7 days home.
So I’ll be looking in on the hive when I get home.
But these pads are to stay in the hive till Feb now and then changed for
fresh ones.


Thanks Brad, I just thought there may have been something online regarding his work with the bees. We don’t have mites here as yet, so the treatment at this stage is not really something I’m too concerned with.
If you’re ever chatting with him & remember, perhaps you could just ask what types he used.