Is there any flowhive agancy in Japan?

Hello,I’m a beekeeper in Japan.
I’m interested in flowhive.
Is there any agency in Japan or any person who can contact by Japanese?
Please Teach me.
Thank you.

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Hi, the Flow hive can only be purchased from the Australian Flow Hive site (
If you wish to learn about beekeeping and how to use the Flow hive, your local beekeeping group would be the best place to start. But we are here to help if you need some generalised advice on the set up and operation of the hive. Cheers.

Thank you for replaying.
Ok,I understand about it.

Best Regards

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Should you find a Flow-like hive other than the Austrailia site … It probably a FAKE n they don’t work ! So be careful with cheap look alikes than are made in China n often seen for sale on the Internet also !! :-1:. Gerald

There is a translate option that is free from Google . Have you tried that yet? I’m not sure how well it works, but it might be useful to read this forum in your native Japanese language.

Hi, strayhoneybee,
What has changed in Japan since then?
Is it suitable for Japanese native species? Adjustable?

Japanese beekeeping are for mainly of Western bees, but some amateurs cultivate Japanese bees.

I came across your post. I live in Shiga and am just starting up. I have a flow hive but the brood box I got with the nuc I ordered is a different size so I am letting the colony stay where they are. As I don’t have much experience I’m wondering whether you know of any experienced beekeepers around the Shiga area who I might be able to get help/advice from.