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G'Day from Japan

Long term resident. 25 years now. Just bought the Flow Hive 2 and awaiting processing/shipping so no photos nor success stories (yet). An absolute newbee, though as an avid honey lover, very excited for the opportunity for my son and I.



Hiya Rusty, welcome to the forum.
There have been success stories using Flow frames in Japan, have a search using the magnifying glass top right for more information.
Good luck.


Cheers. Have already reviewed them. DHL have just texted me saying it arrives Friday! So just over a week from order to arrival! /cheer

Well done to the Flow Hive Crew!

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Are you going to be using European or Japanese bees?

Welcome to the forum!

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We’re going to try to trap our own first, so hoping there will be Japanese Honey bees around our area. If we fail, we will then reach out to one of the honey bee communities looking for assistance to start a hive (using whatever they recommend/have available). Being Aussie myself, I’m more interested in promoting native fauna, though I am aware that European bees have been introduced. All part of the fun once we set up :slight_smile:

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Hi and Welcome Rusty,
You wouldn’t believe my nic name all my life has been Rusty lol. If you need advice don’t hesitate to message good luck and bee happy :slight_smile:

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The Flow Hive enjoyed customs so much it stayed an extra night. We got it delivered early Saturday morning. At the date of this post, and for reference, import duties were applied. JPY5,560. DHL delivered it and were quite good in texting me when they had the package and tracking number (earlier last week). I received a phone call Thursday saying it was in customs and that it doesn’t look like they will be able to deliver it Friday.

Package arrived in excellent condition.

We took a stroll around our area mid last week and being a beautiful sunny day, and saw quite a few active bees. I ordered some Lemongrass oil and dabbed some on the balcony (2F) I plan to keep the hive, but not only have I not seen any bees there, we haven’t seen any for a couple of days.

I believe we have missed the opportunity for trapping and will either wait until next season or reach out to some domestic beekeepers to see if we can get a queen and bees to go with her.

Looked like rain this weekend (now past) so I have not set the hive up yet.